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Our Philosophy

The 4-pillar concept

For us, as a family-owned, internationally active company, our values and standards in dealing with employees, customers and partners are a particularly important factor to achieve our company goals. We are aware of our economic and social responsibility and we play an active part in this.


Together with our sites and offices we have defined principles that are the basis for our joint activities. We set the following as the four pillars of our company:


  1. Our Identity
    Unique content, top quality, outstanding services, and the right feeling for the zeitgeist.
  2. Our business divisions
    Consulting, analysis, conceptual design, planning, execution planning, controlling, project management,
    quality assurance, documentation and new media.
  3. Our customers
    Customer satisfaction and trust are top priorities for us. We meet the wishes of our customers. We create genuine added value for them.
  4. Our employees
    We support each other through the exchange of knowledge and resources. We celebrate successes as a team.


Gruschwitz is a leading international desing and implementation office which covers the entire spectrum of architectural services. Be it for beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle, services, shoes or sports - our team creates individual and unmistakable worlds of experience tailored to brands and target groups. Always in focus: classic retail space optimisation. Our success is the result of many years of work and consistently puttling our company principles into practice:


  • We align our work with the needs of our customers.
  • Creativity and zeitgeist are at the heart of our company.
  • Unique content, top quality and outstanding services characterize our profile.
  • We want to be one of the best design and implementation offices in Europe.


Our vision

Our vision is defined through our way of thinking, our actions and ultimately our decisions. Everything we believe in can be summarised in one statement:
"Design suceeds through functionality. And emotionality invigorates it. Function follows emotions. A clear vision. A smart principle"


Our mission

The creation of individual and unmistakable worlds of experience tailored to brands and target groups, and the creation of added value for all stakeholders.