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Store Book 2015: Weber Original Store




From a ship buoy to the kettle grill: With the idea to use a buoy to make a barbecue with lid, George Stephen invented the first kettle grill and revolutionized the American and the global barbecue culture in the following with multiple additional products.

Just in time for the barbecue season, the first Weber Original Store opened on May 15, 2014 in Berlin-Mitte. Johann Lafer pampered the guests with barbecued culinary delights. On more than 500 m2, the cult brand can be experienced with all senses.


The implementation of the store concept focused on combining interaction, integration, consultation and sales and attuning them perfectly. An extraordinary “involvement” of the customer is supposed to create an unforgettable shopping experience. The retail store does not just present the entire product selection around coal, gas and electro barbecues as well as barbecue accessories but additionally gives the barbecue enthusiasts in a “heritage” corner an insight into the company’s history. The customers are additionally pampered with a bar, an herbal garden, a service point, a merchandising area as well as a Grill Academy where barbecue secrets are shared in courses with up to 30 participants.


Three central areas structure the room. The area on the right is characterized by the Weber Frame, a continuous design element. A long barbecue stage directs the customer towards the store center. On the left side you can find the “Herbal Garden” corner with the merchandising area, as well as the Grill Academy. The central area offers space for the “Heritage” corner and the service point. Concrete wall and floor optic as well as brick walls give the store a character that can generally be described as “rough”. Black steel, Berliner Klinker, expanded metal and checker plate emphasize this appearance.

•    Project: Weber Original Store
•    Location: Berlin, Litfaßplatz 2
•    Industry: Home supplies (Barbecues and accessories)
•    Contact:
•    Date of opening: May 2014
•    Sales area/Levels: 500 m²/1
•    Planning: Gruschwitz GmbH, Munich
•    Store construction: Hoffmann Ladenbau, Rosendahl-Holtwick
•    Store construction system: Aluline (Shop Systems)
•    Lighting planning: Gruschwitz GmbH, München
•    Lighting: XAL, Graz
•    Visual merchandising: Fünfwerken Design, Wiesbaden
•    Flooring: Ceramiche Refin, Casalgrande
•    Fotographer: David Yates, Berlin


Translation: Bastian Lorenz
Book/Title: Store Book 2015
Author: Reinhard Peneder​
Publisher: dlv - Netzwerk Ladenbau e.V. (Deutscher Ladenbau Verband)
Issued: 2015 
Verlag Georg D.W. Callwey GmbH & Co. KG