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Wolfgang Gruschwitz auf der Eröffnung der Tegernsee Arkaden

Tegernsee Arkaden: Regional high quality brands address all senses


Starting from August 12th, the new shopping mall “Tegernsee Arkaden” offers a selection of regional high quality products covering 300 qm, an area which was used by the German discounter “Netto” before. Among the various local premium brands are “Eybel” chocolates, “Lantenhammer” and “Slyrs” distillery, “das Herzogliche Brauhaus” (a regional brewery), “Herbaria” herbs, “Trachtenhaus Karl Jäger” (a traditional textile company for regional dresses) and Sixtus skincare. During the official opening ceremony, many visitors praised the new mall as main attraction, which fits in perfect harmony to the traditional surroundings – which of course makes us very happy. The mall concept combines the product ranges of the most different manufacturers, without neglecting their uniqueness. Smokehouse, beer dispenser, chocolate fountain – there is so much to discover and try! A special highlight which you must not miss is the new shopping mall bar. Come and see – it’s worth it!